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Brian Shirley

Mr. Shirley is responsible for leading the Geographic Information System (GIS) and web programming practices for 3cGeo, as well as business development. Mr. Shirley graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1986. Mr. Shirley has achieved Geographic Information System Professional certification.

Mr. Shirley has been in the GIS business for 34 years and previously served as a project manager for MSE Corporation, GIS Coordinator for Travis County, Texas and Espey-Huston & Associates as well as Regional Program Manager for PBS&J.

Margaret (Maggie) Shirley

Mrs. Shirley conducts data processing and preparation and is responsible for the accounting for 3cGeo. Mrs. Shirley graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 1983. Mrs. Shirley is a fire code consultant, fire protection sprinkler system designer and has held a registered managing employee license (RME) with the Texas Board of Insurance State Fire Marshal's office.

Mrs. Shirley wrote the supplement to NFPA 13 for the Texas State Board of Insurance in the late 1980's. Mrs. Shirley has designed fire protection sprinkler systems for and reviewed sprinkler plans and installations for a variety of firms in Texas including: Northstar Fire Protection, Dickerson Fire Protection, Falcon Sprinkler Systems, Texas Board of Insurance, Espey-Huston and Associates, and Carter-Burgess Engineering.

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